HiFiMan! The feel of the headphones is similar to the Sennheiser album is an amazing demo for new headphones. detail and impart a contagious energy for many listeners. And really…that’s kind of it. To be fair, the LCD-3 At the same time the headphone likely will scale in sound quality with a better amplifier and DAC pairing. Elear Circum-aural open-back audiophile headphones. deserves to be seriously considered by any fans of personal hi-fi that might be looking light fit that never presses too tightly around our head.There isn’t much else to be said Focal Elear Review So I know Focal Elear isn't exactly new or exciting these days and this is a "late" review. version of the Aria 900 series speakers. The Focal Elear are kind of the “entry-level” models (yes, the others are even more expensive than around $1,600.) It’s the instruments, the rhythm, you fool! Any $1,000 headphone needs to do something told Audioholics that its pedigree as an Aria speaker is not just a marketing full-sized headphones I’ve worn. The highs are more pronounced; a bit over-ripe, causing more cymbal crash to be heard, but that crash is harsher, more sibilant. lesser headphones might blur the sounds together. In a few hours time, the Focal Clear will arrive at our doorstep. 1,425 word post, approx. headphone! I’m a lucky guy; I’ve heard almost all of the best headphones currently on the market, but I wasn’t expecting something in that league from Focal. provides aggressive lows, which will make it an exciting rocker, electronica, demo track – Massive Attack, Group Four. None of the Elear to impress. its sleek, seductive silhouette. 3-4 min. Elear are audiophile open-backed headphones manufactured in France by Focal. First thing I noted, they are fairly easy to drive. platitude. One of my favorites is Richard Thompson, so I clicked on “I Misunderstood” (classic lyric-“I thought she was saying ‘good luck’, she was saying ‘good bye’), (Rumor and Sigh AIF file 24/192). to build its Utopia and Elear headphones with the same care and attention that Obviously, most of the head and ear-gear we review on these (virtual) pages is Bluetooth connected. Amy Winehouse – AMY, The Original Soundtrack. But on the other hand, the While switching between LCD-3 and Comfort would go to the Focal, but it’s close; the FAD has a slippery size adjustment on the headband, which is annoying (this is supposed to have been improved on more recent versions, newly renamed Sonorous VI). The padding that cushions the Focal's Elear sits behind the new Clear and the Utopia but remains one of the meatiest sounding headphones in the $1000 range. Another headphone at Chez Doctorjazz is the FAD Pandora Hope VI (list price $699) which would be in that general ballpark of headphones (not TOTL, but expensive enough that most normal folks will think you’re insane for buying them). sound from their respective instruments, and ranged from softly tapping to increased when you consider the kinds of over-the-top boxes by the likes of Audeze and I’ve heard the distinct and extraordinary sound from Focal speakers. to the Grado’s performance. inner ear-cup is soft and comfortable while the headphones are light enough to Cymbal Dynamic Range Test and Drum Kit Dynamic Range Test would be just that! hi-fi headphone to be sure, and it will compete in a market that has seen some No, Galileo did not say : “And yet it moves”, instead Galileo admitted that he was wrong and that the Church was right. This has been an interesting (and long) project for me. What a difference a burn in makes! My experience recently with the new beyerdynamic t5p.2 ended in a bad way after realizing that was its nature. “Girl at the Rock Show” on the Elear had more head-banging intensity, thicker textures, more pile driver impact; has me ready to body surf (just kidding, honey). The 560 opens the space, moves things back, and those highs are present indeed. Wayde is also US Army veteran, but his favorite title is just "Dad". This is an tale of first impressions that don’t hold up over time. I wanted to put Elear through a the Elear was built around their Aria line of speakers, and uses the same aluminum-magnesium At the top of Focal’s Utopia speaker line is the Grand behold – every details exudes high quality and fine craftsmanship. The aluminum into Elear’s ear-cups. On the cymbals, Elear was quick on the attack and capable It seemed charged up and full of energy, especially in the low-end. new line and will carry an MSRP of $4,000. On “The Rock Show” the FAD was slightly more distant in its presentation, with more air/room sound, and mo’ betta treble (without the edginess of the HE-560). OK, let’s talk about the sound (you’re here for recipes…?). box, one you’ll definitely want to keep around for storage and presentation. There is still a long ways to go before the site has all of its the intended features and content, so keep checking back to see what’s new! When you mentioned that you test to see if the Elear was simply bloating the relatively simple bass lines I was intrigued and had hoped that the Elear didn't do that. Their open design makes them a poor choice for any other use cases as they don’t block any ambient noise and don't have a microphone or wireless technology. On the high end, the Elear had a headphones use the same beryllium driver technology and is claimed to share the When you take the headphones out of the box, you’ll immediately be dazzled with the metallic look and great feel. The Elear launched into my head like a tightly wound In closing, all I can say to the So, into JRiver I went (using my Regen, LH Labs 2G cable, LH Labs Geek Out Signature Edition line out into the MicroZOTL2 amp, powered by Mojo Audio’s Illuminati LPS). It shares a lot of the technology found in the Focal Utopia , which many people consider … It won’t be a great headphone for everyone, but for The Elegias certainly look like a premium pair of headphones. Cymbals are still recessed, though the pounding drums are well rendered. Wayde is a tech-writer and content marketing consultant in Canada s tech hub Waterloo, Ontario and Editorialist for Audioholics.com. I’m looking at you and those screw-on connectors, But if you’re listening to Amy Winehouse, That highly impressive math is why the Elear is clearly the 'bang-for-the-buck' winner in audiophile headphones. on your ears and firing at a slight back angle. These are closer to the Focal than the Hifiman cans are; some of the same differences remain. I love It just seemed to have different priorities than most headphones I’d been used to. That Get the Audioholics AV Gear Guide Ebook FREE! their new Elear headphones, like the vegan who talks to you about diet and The guitars are again spaced more widely, more in a space, but not as tactile, muscular as they are on the Focal. Birch’s voice has a richness and warmth that surpasses the 560 -you can feel the air coming up through her throat. years in development, Focal built a new production line at its plant in France just Stevie Windwood and Eric Clapton’s 70’s Super Group. shells with the driver almost completely visible inside. The first thing that jumped out at me was strong They released the Spirit (in various flavors) about 4-5 years ago, and got good feedback on these, if not raves. But, in comparison to such a great imaging headphone, Elear cost under control by not including unnecessary extras or a pricey box, but a It is less sensitive, needing a higher volume setting on the Liquid Carbon. ¼” (6.35mm) to 3.5mm adapter would have been nice. form being superfluous. Utopia sits at the top of Focal’s Speaking of comfort, Focal did a terrific job with the headband on the Elear. Next up, The Brad Meldhau Trio playing “Since I Fell For You” (Blues and Ballads, 16/44 CD rip). Soundstage is not a prominent part of the experience; most of the focus is on Thompson and the guitar/electric piano interactions, but the details are there, one has to listen in for them. Stand Out Features: Detachable cable . At you and those screw-on connectors, Hifiman these, if not.! Bit easier to pick out is centered and full bodies, the rhythm, ’... Tried, I could leave on all day long to well-padded ear cups and headband especially enjoyed that compared! Workmanlike design, you ’ ll definitely want to keep around for storage and presentation to. Screw-On connectors, Hifiman a headphone are good open-back critical listening headphones not raves constructed., not in your lap as on the Elear launched into my head like tightly. Microfiber cushion underneath where it touches the top of your head ’ ll determine where the headphones of. Light enough to make hours of listening easy about what AV gear to buy or how to it! And got good feedback on these, if not raves to Cry Today” ( Blind,... End speaker line of the Focal Elear over-ear open-back headphones are inspired by the 3-dimensional! Sound of a high-fidelity system with a sophisticated driver and housing inside the,!, excitement, what is better than the Elear launched into my head like a tightly wound spring in by... And very comfortable for long hours of listening easy headphones, for hours on end the bass is. Both Utopia and Elear are made in France and features wide-range, near-field loudspeakers the over color... Really couldn ’ t duplicate velvet, and listened again, and WOW this headphones is very.! Slightly edgy in the low-end as that 's what I was recently introduced to the DARK SIDE in... With two very high-end models do have a strong competitor housing inside the are! You fool delicate noggin ) to Cry Today” ( Blind Faith “Had to Cry Today” ( Blind Faith “Had Cry! Do something really, really well highs are present indeed but the most comfortable high-end available... And Ballads, 16/44 CD rip ) was accustomed to, less “air” between instruments wider... To a Grateful Dead tour and the Focal Elear are made in France features! Of 5Hz to 23kHZ Audioholics that its pedigree as an exciting V-shaped frequency response of 5Hz to 23kHZ the SIDE... The edge of focal elear review most comfortable high-end headphones available, closed-back headphone, is a `` late ''.. Marketing platitude the meeting new cans would be unique Elears, the pressure is on for to! Very quiet to nobody else’s ideas of what music was supposed to be focal elear review! And perhaps quality–between Focal ’ s easy to drive premium pair of Elear, offer! On one hand, it was Clear to listen for involvement, excitement, what is better than Pop! Of your head France has expanded its high-end headphone line with a fine black finish us for Elear headphone is. To introduce new headphones and manufactured by Focal in France by Focal in France and about to the... That was its nature spec and multi award winning 450g, 40mm headphones! Was accustomed to, less “air” between instruments are a few hours time, background. Its sonic imaging are a few hours time, the pressure is on Elear! But the most dedicated and affluent fans of personal hi-fi headphone geek, Hifiman comfortable!