See our Puffy Paint Valentines here and our Puffy Paint Earth Day craft here! This puffy paint pumkin craft is so much fun to make and you only need shaving cream and glue (plus a bit of colouring) to make the puffy paint. Simply loving ur blog, and getting really great ideas. I’m thinking it would just take longer than it would in the microwave, and you wouldn’t want your oven temp too high because of the paper/cardboard you’ve painted on. She kept some of her painting puffy and wanted to take Q-Tips to some of the paint to bring on a different look. flour has baking powder and salt in it. For anyone that needs it, here’s the recipe I used: 1 cup flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 1/2 tsp baking powder. She began blogging in 2011, and today, Happy Hooligans inspires more than 2 million parents, caregivers and Early Years Professionals all over the globe. And then you need to follow it! Give your child a few notecards with letters, numbers, or words printed on them. Do you know what proportions you used, Trisha? In a bowl mix together 6oz gold glitter glue, 1/4 cup flour, 1 cup shaving cream, and a couple squirts of brown food coloring. Wow!!! Thanks! omigourd, how fun! If you add a few drops of cooking /olive/vegetable oil to the mixture it will stop it from flaking and will stay intact for longer. Your artwork will be warm when you remove it from the microwave, but it will be completely set. Today I will give you the microwave puffy paint recipe and give you all the tips you need to have a great afternoon creating puffy masterpieces. Puff paint is super fun. It was interesting and controlled they were and purposeful. I’m so happy you’re getting inspiration from our crafts and activities! See more ideas about puffy paint, puff paint, crafts. Like I said, I’m not sure why the one picture flaked. Use this lovely scented Gingerbread Puffy Paint recipe to create some super cute, raised Gingerbread man creations this December! It is only flour and salt and water, so I’m not sure how it would react/hold up after being sprayed. We are FREEZING and on “lock down” due to terrible wind chills, so I’ve been looking for some fun activities. You’re probably not aware of copyright infringement though. This is such a cute idea I think my kids will love doing this thanks for sharing! Note: See video tutorial at the bottom of this post if you are a visual learner. You just need a microwave and a few kitchen ingredients to make it. That is such a blessing to me, an it also really helps readers as they are looking for reviews an tips. Feel free to use ideas in your home and community. I wasn’t either when I started blogging. Too much mixing makes the shaving cream lose air and reduces the overall puffiness of the paint. She was able to join us for this project. Kids can easily draw pictures or write words with this liquid chalk! Therefore, I set out to create what I believe to be the best. Squeeze the foam paint through the small hole onto your paper or board, making puffy lines, dots, and designs as desired. I have made this with regular flour with the same results:). If you were to ever wash the item, the paint would likely dissolve and wash off as it’s made from flour and self-rising salt. It was very easy to mix up the ingredients and incorporate the color. I loved that it only used 3 ingredients, all of which I had at home. Putting your puffy paints in a squeeze bottle works very well to help keep the puffy look. Total Time 10 minutes. « How to Remove the Vomit Smell from Carpet, Furniture, Car and Anything Else, How to Make DIY Fall Leaf Prints with Kids », Check out my Kid Craft Section For all My Kid DIY Fun. I want to know how long can i keep it in the container, made some today, but needed for Tuesday. The purple is my second favorite. “Here’s an easy way to make puffy paint at home in your own kitchen. Fun! Love your page. xx, Those look awesome! Puffy paint is easy to make and uses only 2 ingredients, shaving cream and glue. If you want to see that recipe, I encourage you to click back to see our microwave puffy paint project. Different than self-rising flour. I really appreciate it, and I’m so glad you all ha fun with it! hello! They will adore this. I’m on a tight budget here too, Debbie, so all of the arts/crafts/activites we do here can be done at little or no expense. It might work, but then, it might break down the paint as well. 3-Ingredient, homemade Puffy Paint you make in your […], […] saw this on Pinterest and just had to try it! I am wanting to make a wall decoration for my son’s classroom using your recipe but it definitely won’t fit in a microwave! However, the watered down one didn’t dry as firm if this is a keepsake. 1 1/2 a Table-spoon of warm water. 3. I would do puffy paint with my preschoolers but I used Shaving cream (Barbasol) works the best. After following the recipe above, you now have a bottle (or three or four) of puffy paint to work with. Have fun! 25+preschool activities, 10 printables, 50 links to activities not featured in the book all for $8.99 until   Download your copy today: Jackie is a mom, wife, home daycare provider, and the creative spirit behind Happy Hooligans. We done thistle at and Maisie loved it! Kids love to mix and pour. Using real ingredients like this is great for teaching kitchen skills. Get creative with the colors - mix two colors, add more or fewer drops of coloring to create pastels or bright colors. You will not be disappointed. Prep Time 10 minutes. Is there any safe alternative? Expect some beautiful chaos in your home. Puffy Paint Recipe. just wondering if pva can be used instead of mod podge to seal being as it dries with a clear layer? Which one is your favorite? Mix the glue and shaving cream together in a clean bowl, folding the shaving cream into the glue a little like folding egg whites. ? When Abby came home from school, she created her own design. We just let it air dry. Different Puffy Paint Recipes. Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Thank you. It might not last forever, but I suspect it would last for a bit. What a fun art/science activity to do with your kids! We only had the flaking happen once, and we’ve done the experiment several times since. It really pops! I’ll show you the results of each test recipe, and you can decide which result you like the best in terms of puff and texture. My other favorite recipe for puffy paint is incredibly easy to make and looks so awesome! This paint recipe is one of our favorites! Puffy paint is all the rave right now. My kids LOVED this. It’s very hard once it has dried, Majet. We found this cool pin that says we can paint with clouds, is this true? Window clings: Paint the puffy paint onto wax paper in small shapes and designs. I thought of using a bit of glue in the recipe. Happy Tuesday everyone! It has the coolest, puffy texture that really pops off the page! My daughter and I loved this craft… and my husband was able to brighten up his office with a puffy paint masterpiece We used regular all-purpose flour and painted onto wax paper, it comes out a bit wrinkly but it looks great and keeps forever (it’s been several months and it still looks as good as new). Puffy paint is one of my favorite types of paint to make. There is a wealth of resources here! Using real ingredients like this is great for teaching kitchen skills. This would be very cool for my middle school students!! Puffy Sidewalk Paint Recipe. Homemade puffy paint is a fun and easy way to make your art projects come to life! The two supplies you will need when making puffy paint are: Crayola Play Sand; Shaving Cream. Kids and adults both love it! Winging DIY Puffy Paint – First Attempt. Totally guessing there though. Dish soap is added to this recipe … Maybe it was the length of time it was in there, or maybe your microwave is stronger than mine? Made this last night and the pink recipe came out perfect. My only question is about the thickness of the paper as ours ended up all uneven and I can’t straighten it up to hang them or glue them to make cards ? To make homemade puffy paint, all you need are 3 kitchen ingredients and a […], […] Homemade Puffy Paint (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); […], […] To get the instructions click here  […], […] found this puff paint art activity on Pinterest recently and really wanted to try it out. A funnel. If you’d like sparkly, shimmering snow paint add in glitter. With a few ingredients and a microwave you can make fun art work and do a science experiment at the same time. The picture above is of when I tried it again. DIY Puffy Paint. Just simply mix the ingredients together. It might be baking powder and baking soda, Crystal. My goal is to help inspire and equip parents in a more intentional, creative and enjoyable parenting experience. Wow - I didn't realize there were so many different recipes for puffy paint! Hi Helma, I’m glad you enjoyed my puffy paint enough to want to share it. Good luck with them, and have fun! What about a toaster oven? Did you enjoy your Memorial Day holiday weekend? They last me for years. I’ve only ever tried it on cardboard, Maddie, but I’m sure it would work on paper or a paper plate. I made the mistake of “winging it” when I first made this paint with my toddlers. The classes she has taken in psychology, teaching kids, parenting, art and marriage all contribute to her parenting style and philosophy. This one will be dry to the touch within about 30 minutes, although you can still stick things in by giving them a little push for another hour if you need to. I sure hope so! Enough water to make a paste. Is that normal flour or is it a special kind of flour? Here are Abby’s results. We have a microwave in the staffroom, so we will take it in there. I set out to find or create the best homemade puffy paint recipe and had great results after developing my own. This paint dries with a soft, raised texture similar to the puff paint you can purchase in the store. In a bowl mix together 6oz gold glitter glue, 1/4 cup flour, 1 cup shaving cream, and a couple squirts of brown food coloring. Toddlers and preschoolers LOVE to put things on their hands. We did it with shaving cream and glue, but the colors weren’t as vibrant. These are great … Thanks for sharing this idea! Paint with your new puffy paint! . Jill says. Spray sone shaving cream in a bowl and put food coloring into bowl and gently fold it into the cream. It might be possible to do the experiment in a conventional oven set to low heat, but I haven’t tried it. Homemade Puffy Paint Recipe – Kid Craft Idea. Great collection! Puffy paint is easily one of the most fun art materials. How to make puffy paint. 3-Ingredient Puffy Paint  – 3 ingredients and a microwave are all you need to make our cool puffy paint! This looks like an awesome project to try with my preschoolers… does anyone know if liquid water colors would work as well as the food coloring? Would this work for fingerpainting or handprinting too? Is self rising flour just regular white flour? then add a couple scoops of your colored Crayola play sand and mix. I may even be able to take small groups of the kids with me. Become a part of the Meaningful Mama community to receive encouragement, ideas, tips and tricks.... it's FREE! Have your child mix all ingredients in a small bowl. All that’s left is to put your kids’ creativity to the test. I love making homemade toys for the hooligans. 4. Thanks for the great idea! […], […] cream painting, fingerpainting, condensed milk painting, freezie painting, ice painting, puffy paint, face […], […] of our absolute favourites! We are going to give this a go this afternoon after naps. Sometimes the kids are very self-entertaining, which is the fabulous part of having friends over to play. My 2 year old had a blast with this! Usually just a little dip in with a toothpick is enough to colour whatever project we’re doing. I’m not sure how long it will stay active in the container, Oneida. Is it self rising flour, as stated at the top, or all purpose flour as written in the recipe? It only required 3 simple ingredients, it was easy enough for my daughter to mix up and as bonus – it didn’t require the use of a microwave . Am Freitag ist die Kleine Shopkeeper in der Kita […], […] “note” for some time. I’ve seen the shaving cream and glue as well. Would love your thoughts, please comment. We used food coloring this time around only because I had a wider variety of color options on hand. She is a constant student of this thing called motherhood. 5. thanks. I did the test, so it wasn’t originally kids trying to squeeze the bottle. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You only need 3 ingredients and it’s easy to make different colors. would you happen to know if the paint will become puffy if you will just let it dry? This puffy paint contains flour, baking soda, salt and food coloring – no glue, no shaving cream. S.R. Thanks for the tip! Jump to recipe. Yet it doesn’t take days like some recipes! This homemade puffy paint recipe is easy to pull together, it uses three simple ingredients that are typical to any kitchen (even my very lacking kitchen), and is always a hit with the kids. You can’t just copy a page out of a published book and print it in a book of your own. So we could leave the puffy paint white, and then the kids could colour their creations! We have a sweet friend we take care of once a week. 2 Table-spoon of Salt. This puffy snow paint recipe is perfect because it allows enough time for kids (or adults) to decorate their snowman so that the accessories stick. DIY scented puffy paint recipes: [Click each recipe heading to go to the original, full posts with recipe details. I’ve had a follower tell me she’s done it with a hair dryer too. Simply fill the bottle with shaving cream. Then cut a small hole on the corner of the zip lock then squeeze the stuff into the containers. I hadn’t heard of self-rising flour before so I googled how to make it. You can see all of the recipes above, but I’ve provided the written recipe for the pink color, since it was my preference. Get some sturdy cardstock or thin cardboard, and some paintbrushes or q-tips, and get creating! Despite the crumby winter weather we “still” have here in Cheyenne, we sure did enjoy the time off that we spent together indoors. Your kids will love it! One large bottle of plain white school glue. This HOMEMADE PUFFY PAINT recipe is easy to make with just 3 ingredients: self-rising flour, salt and water. So glad you gave this one a try! Crafts and Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers to Tweens. Pour enough water in until it starts to look like pancake batter. That worked out really nicely and looks great! Homemade puffy paint fits the bill perfectly! So let's bring the moon indoors with this fun and simple puffy paint moon craft. Last week we made spin art and it was so much fun. It is so fun to see the fun designs and pictures everyone makes. Start having fun and make puffy paint this week. Make Homemade Puffy Paint with 3 kitchen ingredients. Again, my favorite mixture was the pink mixture that I highlighted in my recipe for the best puffy paint. My daughter was doing a painting and decided to leave it to finish later. The cool part is that it is easy to make and the variations seem endless! If you don’t have self-rising flour, you can make your own by mixing together the following ingredients. The heart of my blog is the character development series for teaching kids. DIY Puffy Paint is so much fun! It looks great straight out of the microwave. So neat!!! You will be surprised how easy this puffy paint is to make. May 20, 2018 - I have seen a variety of results and haven't loved the finished product. 1 tea spoon of paprika, Saffron, or turmeric. Please mix in order listed. Have your child mix all ingredients in a small bowl. The Verdict… this DIY puffy paint recipe is by far one of our favorites. I hope this is helpful! Baby B is a little too young for it, so I […], […] Homemade puffy paint recipe – happy hooligans – arts and crafts 4 kids. Puffy paint is an easy and inexpensive alternative to buying storebought puffy paint for your preschoolers. A white puffy paint with glitter makes a fun snow paint. It made the papers straighten out too. Let me show you the process of how I ended up making my own recipe, which became my personal favorite. You can find everything in your kitchen - flour, water, baking soda, food coloring and salt. Works well and stays puffy for and good long time. I had to get in on the fun and create my own artwork. […], […] […], […] Tiere und andere Menschen machen da mehr Spass. See more ideas about puffy paint, crafts for kids, art for kids. I’m so glad you are tuning in today! Learn how to make your own puffy foam paint with only 3 ingredients with this step by step tutorial. What about using a hair dryer, would the school allow that? A website and blog is the copyrighted property of its owner, just as a published book is. Combine your flour and salt in a small bowl. […] If you’re looking for more fun and inexpensive homemade paint recipes, check out our homemade sidewalk paint�and our homemade puffy paint�recipes! Great! Homemade puffy paint is fun and easy to make, and it doubles as a wonderful art process for kids AND a cool science experiment. Above, we added equal scoops of pink and blue to create a fun purple puffy paint color. It’s pretty clear that there were some puffy paint recipes that worked better than others. We didn’t have self-rising flour, so we used an easy […], […] science experiment for toddlers and preschoolers! Every night, you can look up into the sky and notice the changing shape of the moon! You’ve probably seen t-shirts and Christmas ornaments designed with the material. I love this blog!! No, much like when you bake a cake, heat is needed in order for the chemical reaction with the self-rising flour to occur. to the recipe. June 20, 2014 at 4:39 pm. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Hi there! Well, that’s cool, Jacki! ive done both puffy paints …kids loved it … i work in a pre school my boss calls me the mad scientist …. I have only all purpose flour in the house. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. am going to try it! June 20, 2014 at 2:50 pm. If you wish to share any posts or photographs from this site on your blog or website, you may use one picture with a link to the original post. !, we used eye droppers to put the paint onto the card and when we put it into the microwave Maisie talked about how it would be hot when it came out. Puffy Paint Without Chemicals. DIY Puffy Paint is so much fun! Some can be, but I wouldn’t imagine this would be the best kind for fabric. Just spread a thin layer of puffy paint on a cookie sheet or directly on the table. It does take longer to dry than using regular paint but it is so much fun once it is dry! Four puff paint recipes tried, and I give you the best. Pair of scissors. They were very abstract with their designs, but they were not just squeezing it out with all their might like I sometimes see them do with toothpaste. I hope this helps you understand a little about blogging protocol. Soap, water, slime, and finger paint are just a few of the things you can let your child explore during sensory play. My son and I saw the spin art toy at Dollar Tree for only $1. You put it in the microwave and it puffs right up! I don’t have self rising flour. Thank yoU! Use this lovely scented Gingerbread Puffy Paint recipe to create some super cute, raised Gingerbread man creations this December! She suggested adding the shaving cream and glue and then adding flour a bit at a time until you  get the consistency desired. found you at @Funnermother! But, I don’t know what is self-rising flour – can I use yeast with flour? Measuring cup. Puffy Finger Paint with Shaving Cream and Glue – Skip to my Lou. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I really don’t know. Next, divide the mixture into several smaller cups and add a few drops of different food coloring to each one. This paint lasts for about 5 days. Filed Under: Art For Kids, Popular Posts Tagged With: Art Activities for Kids, homemade paints, liquid watercolours, paint techniques for kids, science for kids. I haven’t done it before though. Best Books for Boys – 40+ Fantastic Reads for Boys ages 8-16, 75+ Best Chapter Books for Girls Ages 5-13, 3-Ingredient Homemade Puffy Paint – an Easy Microwaveable Recipe, Homemade puffy paint is fun and easy to make, and it doubles as a wonderful. I’m thinking it would work in a regular oven, Jennifer – after all, when you bake with self-rising flour, your cookies and cakes rise. Reader Tip: One woman (see comments below) said the order in which you add things is extremely important. « Crystallized Beach Rocks with Borax and Watercolours, How to make a God’s Eye Craft – Weaving for Kids ». That’s cool! A large can of white shaving cream {not shave gel!} Puffy Paint is a great sensory concoction that preschoolers can’t wait to get their hands into! How do you get the colors so vibrant. You can also use paint brushes for just a thicker consistency and texture. I’m not sure of that though, so google it, but yes, I believe you can make your own self-rising flour. Good luck! I used Barbasol Thick and Rich shaving cream, all purpose flour and Elmer’s glue. Then gradually add in the water. If you make the necessary corrections, you’re welcome to share my post. Copyright © 2021 We painted mod podge over the finished protects to give them a nice seal and shine! Wife of the perfect partner for me. Chocolate puffy paint recipe: 2 cups shaving cream. Their results consisted of a lot of polka dots. 1 tea spoon of paprika, Saffron, or turmeric. I am lucky to have little helpers in the kitchen to aid me in mixing up my concoctions. Can I add a bit of baking powder? You can also add bi-carbonated soda to ‘plain’ flour to make it rise. SR flour has leavening agents added, which means you don’t need to add baking powder etc. If you’d like to share, you can use one photo and a sentence or two to describe the activity i.e. * Update: I had a few comments that this recipe was too thick for people. At his request we did hand prints and it worked, looked great. This sidewalk chalk paint squirts out easily and stays “puffy” when it hits the concrete. One tube of wiltons icing colors doesn’t go very far. Ingredients. Dish soap is added to this recipe … You’ve used another bloggers, which again, is an infringement of copyright. Simply fill the bottle with shaving cream. Paint as normal. One older kid dipped a pencil into the paint to use as a tool which worked great for more precision. This homemade puffy paint recipe is easy to pull together, it uses three simple ingredients that are typical to any kitchen (even my very lacking kitchen), and is always a hit with the kids. 1 cup of flour; 3 teaspoons of baking soda; 1 teaspoon of salt; about 1-1/4 cup of water; food coloring (I used gel food coloring, but you can use liquid food coloring, too) Start by mixing the flour, baking soda, and salt together. I haven’t heard of doing puffy paint in the microwave. I can’t wait to see my son’s face when we make “Puffy Paint.”. then add a couple scoops of your colored Crayola play sand … Your email address will not be published. ONe of ours kind of disintegrated, but the other one did not, so I would think you would be able to display it for a while. The spices smell amazing as they are being mixed. Thank you so much for coming back to give your experience and the ratings. You can do some googling to find out, Lindsey. Just did it for a rainy day activity. It is so fun to see the fun designs and pictures everyone makes. Thanks! Above you notice I tried four different recipes. 2 tsp salt. You might be able to do it in a regular oven, but I’m not sure. Mix all ingredients together until completely combined. To make our puffy snow paint all you need is 4 simple ingredients you probably already have on hand. I tried it again, and it worked for me. It’s known as stealing (or scraping) content, and you can be charged for it, and google can remove your blog from the internet. This sidewalk chalk paint squirts out easily and stays “puffy” when it hits the concrete. Easy Puffy Paint recipe. Can’t tell you how much that means to me. This HOMEMADE PUFFY PAINT recipe is easy to make with just 3 ingredients: self-rising flour, salt and water. You will want to use Plastic Squeeze Bottles for this activity. Hank you! I’m sharing with you a super easy, inexpensive and fun 3-ingredient Puffy Paint Recipe! We have tried it with kids and it was really fun! And I love this recipe especially because of how convenient it is. Condiment bottles from Dollar Tree. In order to create a fun art project like the one we did, you may want either a bowl or we love empty condiment squeeze bottles and a dowel or popsicle stick to mix it. It’s fun to paint and create with, and the best part is watching your artwork puff right up when you place it in the microwave! Creative Ideas for Using Puffy Paint. You just need a microwave and a few kitchen ingredients to make it. Think of a blog or website as you would a book in a library. With only 3 ingredients and about 5 minutes of time you can have this fun DIY Puffy Paint Recipe for the kids to paint with! Puffy Paint Recipe. Self rising flour? Mix together in a medium size bowl: 1 cup white glue (we used Elmers) 2 cups shaving cream ( not gel) 1/2 cup flour. You can make the chalk any color you’d like, or make a whole rainbow of colors! We don’t use one. Equipment. 1 Tablespoon Self Raising Flour; 1 Table Spoon Salt Puffy Paint Recipe. You are likely to find that your children become focused and purposeful as they paint. My passion is to encourage and equip parents to be more intentional in this important role. RELATED: String Painting Puffy Paint All you need is 3 simple ingredients - shaving cream, white glue and food colouring. One of our favorite things to make and do is sidewalk paint. My girls loved it when they realised they could also draw on the puffy paint with permanent markers when it was dry. Puffy Paint Recipe. PUFFY PAINT RECIPE YOU WILL NEED: 1 cup glue; 1 to 2 cups shaving cream (not gel), depending on how fluffy you want the paint; Food coloring (for color), optional; … What is Puff Paint? The spices smell amazing as they are being mixed. GLOW IN THE DARK PUFFY PAINT MOON CRAFT FOR KIDS! To add colour to your puffy paint recipe you can simply add a little paint. Everyone’s creativity really shines and the pictures turn out just so pretty. I know too well that this can feel more chaotic. DIY And Crafts. . Here are more activities and crafts that your little ones will love! great idea! It went…fine. You can also use your puffy paint recipe to make a surface to practice writing. The Best Homemade Puffy Paint Recipe – Materials Needed 3/4 cup shaving cream 1/4 cup white glue (If the consistency isn’t what you’d like you can add up … love itttttttt thank you so musch for the lovely ideas could not do it with out you !!! Therefore, I set out to find or create the best homemade puffy paint. There are so many things you can do with it. She specializes in kids’ crafts and activities, easy recipes, and parenting. Lover of fun, creativity, cooking, adventure, puzzles, games, family but most importantly Jesus. Homemade Bookmarks - Tie Dyed with Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol, 10 Fun Things to Do with Salt | left brain craft brain, Sensory Stations - The Chaos and the Clutter, 25 Easy Art Techniques for Preschoolers - Happy Hooligans, Homemade Puff Paint Art Activity - SingDancePlayLearn,, DIY Glitter Puffy Paint to Make Valentine’s Day Hearts | FSPDT, DIY Glitter Puffy Paint to Make Valentine’s Day Hearts | CMS1, Art For Kids - 15 Homemade Paint Recipes {& funky brushes}, 30 Indoor Activities for Little Kids (Or, How to Keep Your Sanity on a Snowy or Rainy Day) - Average But Inspired, Resources for young learners | Pearltrees, food colouring in the colours of your choice (I used, little bit of water (start with 1/4 tsp per colour). I came to the comments to find just this. Can U tell me, is this picture solid, can I put it on the wall? Barb says. Then mix in your color. Now add in 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon all spice (optional). After that, it starts to smell! I’m not sure what caused it to happen on the one painting. You must provide one of MY pictures with the link though. It’s only flour and water, after-all. Is there an alternative to rhe microwave? As I have looked at homemade puffy paint recipes, I have seen a variety of outcomes and haven’t loved the finished product. DIY Puffy Paint.. Once the paint is the desired consistency, add the food colouring. Become a part of the Meaningful Mama community to receive encouragement, ideas, tips and tricks. We did this today and it worked wonderfully. I really don’t know for sure, Laura, but something’s making me think it should be made just before using it. When Happy Hooligans stopped by my FB page to share her homemade puffy paint project it inspired me to work on a Valentine’s Day project with the kids that called for us […], […] Microwave Puffy Paint Kids love to see their paintings *puff up* via Happy Houligans […], […] paint and be amazed when it puffs and hardens in the microwave.

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