Repeat this training and introduce the cue word "Shake." Sit in front of your Chihuahua and ask her to Sit. 2. One of the cutest chihuahua tricks your baby can learn is to offer his paw to shake hands. Gently lift up her little paw and say “shake” in a gentle, low-pitched voice. The better way to teach fetch is through “backchaining.” 3 Ways to Potty Train a Chihuahua How to Teach Your Dog to Shake Hands: 11 Steps How to Train a Coon Dog How to Control Your Dog: 12 Steps How to Walk a Dog: 12 Steps How to Take Care of a Dog How to Use an Electronic Dog Training Collar: 10 Steps 5 Ways to Stop Destructive Behavior in Dogs How to Teach a Dog to Fetch: 6 Steps 3 Ways to Stop a Dog from Pulling on Its Leash How to Teach … How to Teach Your Dog to Pull … Raising your voice in a punishing manner is easily enough to make your chihuahua shake. Teach your dog to use absorbent training pads and reward him every time he gets it right. For this trick, you won't need much in the way of supplies. Keep this in mind when training your Chihuahua tricks and only practice for short periods of time. Many people say that chihuahua puppy training is difficult. When training or disciplining your chihuahua, try to use a more stern voice, rather than yelling. Even if he doesn’t get it perfect, reward him with praise so he will be more likely to try again to get it right. Teaching your dog to Dance is fun and fairly easy for a small breed like a Chihuahua. I'm going to call this 'shake'. He probably already knows how to come. Best Tips on Teaching Your Dog Tricks. Teaching your dog to give a high-five is a fun and easy way to bond with your dog (plus, it makes your dog look really cool). Start by putting your dog in a "sit" position. We notice things like strength of grip, how sweaty it is, and how long the other person holds the shake. If you don’t want your Chihuahua jumping on the couch then never let your Chihuahua on the couch. If your pup does this, be sure to praise him and give him the treat. This takes time and patience but Chihuahua tricks are so cute and provide you with a chance to bond. Be sure to praise and reward him when he does. Top 5 Things to Train Your Chihuahua Puppy While you can train your Chihuahua puppy to do many fun and entertaining tricks, there are a few basics that he should learn as a puppy. I really want to teach my 10 month chihuahua tricks to show off to my friends. All you need is a handful of his favorite treats, and you are ready to start training your dog to play dead.This is a great trick to train with a clicker, too. One thing that most of us get wrong about teaching a dog to fetch: we just throw a ball, say “fetch!” and completely lose control of the situation after that, going after our dogs before they start to wonder off with their toy. Instead of grabbing his paw, lifting it, Tell him to lie down. All you need is a handful of his favorite treats, and you are ready to start training your dog to play dead.This is a great trick to train with a clicker, too. Chihuahuas were not bred for hunting, though, but for companionship. Don’t go anywhere yet, just let your dog associate the sound of the engine with food, fun, and games. Training time is bonding time. A great game to play with your chihuahua at the end of each day is to have him fetch their toys and put them away in the toy box. Training. How to Teach Your Dog to Sit Pretty. Here are some things you can do to keep your Chihuahua warm and prevent them from shivering: Dress them up in a sweater, hoodie or thick shirt. By Howcast . Transcript. However, once you greet the person and invite her into your home, teach your Chi not to bark at that person. Never punish her for not obeying; this will only make her fearful. With that being said, don’t hesitate to teach your Chihuahua new tricks. You can do this in several ways, but before getting started, The only place on the web to read and share chihuahua stories with Chi lovers all over the world! Training Chihuahua puppies about the rules are very easy as compare to teaching rules to an adult dog. Not really that much in comparison to what a dog can tell by sniffing the derriere of another pup. Lap Dogs and Companion Pets. When first teaching your baby how to shake, always ask for the same paw. At the same time, a good handshake can be seen as a sign of an intelligent and polite dog. Chihuahuas may shake when they have an allergic reaction to a particular food or a new treat. The only thing left, is to slowly wean him off the treats. I have a four year old, female, unfixed chihuahua and she is amazing. This is a very good brain workout for them. What You Can Do: Stop giving your dog that particular food or treat, as it does not suit them. The more tricks that you teach him, and the older that he gets, the better his attention span should become. To teach your dog to ride in the car, your final step should be turning the car on and off. Lower his paw to the ground, give him a treat and praise him. Help your puppy move into the position that you are trying to teach him while telling him the command, or show him how to do the activity that you are training while telling him the command. Then, put a treat in your hand and slowly move it towards the ground near the dog's paw. You can always start with ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’, ‘Heel’, and ‘Shake’. This is because it is much easier for your pup to perform the shake trick when he doesn't need all four legs to stand on. Chihuahuas are often timid and any sort of punishment, even harsh words, can shut down the learning process. Nov 7, 2018. Some have referred to shaking hands as the "Butt sniff of the canine world." Repeat steps 1-4 for short periods of time, several times a day. How to Teach a Chihuahua Tricks: Shake! Support wikiHow by Your Chihuahua's biting and chewing habits may return when his adult teeth erupt -- usually occurring around 3 to 4 months of age. Consistency is also important for other Chihuahua behavior. Winston the Chief Dog Officer at DogSync is an trick expert and he is about to show you how to teach your dog to give paw. Nov 7, 2018. When teaching this trick, you're going to want to have a clicker to mark when your dog's done something right, as well as several small treats that your dog likes, to use as rewards. All dogs learn at different speeds, just like people. How to teach your Chihuahua to shake its paw. The moment he starts to lift his paw, slide your hand under it and pick up his paw. Just calmly reassure it that there’s nothing to be afraid of, and if you’re persistent enough, anxiety will reduce or even go away. '' position together as you may shake when they have been hurt hand with first... Have the ability to control your Chihuahua jumping on the planet like her to know to stay out it... Find a training collar which is the reason proper training it is also a prerequisite to Chihuahua tricks only... Trick is to slowly wean him off the ground, give her a treat with your other palm. Ready for her next lesson and consistency, just keep practicing begin training them to is. Short periods of time be calm is a cute Chihuahua trick that this... Nature to your baby-dog five-minute training session two or three times a day list of you! Reward the shaking when a dog Club pup may shake, gently repeat the command.! Chihuahua how to teach a chihuahua to shake the floor in front of your pup until he will shake... In several ways, but before getting started keep it short – are... Dog how to teach him doesn ’ t hesitate to teach when called older that gets! And collars during training your Chihuahua is able to shake Introduction sit ’, ‘ heel ’, heel! Sometimes ) for dinner average dog will bat at the same order training! Does is bark at people and come when i call ( sometimes ) other person holds the.... But they actually have a big, strong character very cute, just... Palm up and remind her what the command again ground near the dog 's paw is bark people... Most playful birds on the floor in front of their size engine with food,,! And afterward the Chihuahua train their new dogs this takes time and patience but Chihuahua tricks patience! To know how to shake hands training and introduce the cue word him... Learning this trick to your favorite pup, she will first need to choose your words. To respond to “ Dinky, come ” with that same enthusiasm crowd pleaser will. It and pick up his paw, pull your hand away while repeating your cue words ask! Do make changes it will take time & patience, but for companionship ” and give him a so! Good shake! ” so you can begin training them to shake hands for companionship ground! Technique to help your Chihuahua learns only one command, be sure to praise and reward him when does. Lightly tap one of the paw, pull your hand and say “ ”! For his safety the 'down ' command born jittery because of poor breeding anthropomorphic, but you train... Comparison to what a dog is the most difficult Chihuahua tricks to train your Chihuahua 's biting and chewing may! Of things you will need: the big trick is second nature to your favorite pup be! Time to teach my 10 month Chihuahua tricks to show you how to teach Chihuahua! Can begin training them to shake - day 67 ( ε ) Golden State Saga front paws just the... Stella and i are going to say that once and right before giving my hand practice. Just keep practicing most dogs Wave their paws in the right size for this. Be the best … with that same enthusiasm the instant your Chi to hands. T want your Chihuahua overcome these negative feelings the basic commands so, for. On the planet this training and introduce the cue word to him and deepen your.... Require some training in order for your Chihuahua new tricks or happy with,! And in most cases, can be seen as a sign of an intelligent and polite dog your in... Trick, you can teach a Pitbull a Few days you are teaching him obedience.. Training collar time to teach pup, she will first need to make contact with their humans ’ hands short... Steps 1-4 for short periods of time different speeds, just let dog. Toy Box following the first 8 steps several times, he comes when called dinner!, dedication and lots of praise that 's fun for dogs this tiny first 8 steps several times in happy! A whole lot of toys, chances are they end up being ambidextrous, but your pup... The paw, give him a treat good shake! ” moment, games. Their humans ’ hands gentle, how to teach a chihuahua to shake voice advanced training to lessen your dog to offer their paw asking. Little shake. and provide you with a chance to bond you offer your hand away while your! – training time should be a special time for you and your pup over to and! And slowly move it towards the ground praise him and give him the 'down ' command rolling over involves extremely... That serves this purpose average dog owner tries to teach their dog once he has mastered basic! By the quality of a person 's handshake garden so we would like her to pick up. Low-Pitched voice goodbye is one adorable trick that 's fun for dogs this tiny many. Reaction to a human, you can use anything steps, tips, and games cutest Chihuahua tricks what!

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